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Eng: Severo - Zadonsky Experimental Works - 7-06-2014, 18:12



Eduard Antonovich Fridfeld





The plant production, mainly hydraulics and steelworks is purchased by coal producers from many regions of Russia as well as by road builders, metallurgists, builders. Severo Zadonsky experimental works was founded in 1961 as a basic enterprise of the Moscow Region Scientific Research and Design Coal Institute of Tulaugol Integrated Plant for mechanization of hard and labourintensive processes in mines. Here they produced new coal mining equipment designed by the Scientific Research and Design Coal Institute of Tulaugol Integrated Plant. The works gave a good start in life to the mechanisms that produced up to 120 mln tons of coal per year in the 1970- 1980s.


In 1993 the plant converted into a joint stock company and entered the world of market economy. The specificity of the enterprise, its equipment and production sites, persistence and diligence of its workers and engineering employees, establishment of the marketing service allowed the plant to gain its sector on the market. Quick changing of the nomencla ture, high qualification of workers made it pos sible for the plant to preserve its staff and increase manufacture in the period of collapse of economic relations in the 1990s. At present SEW (SEZ) is one of few plants of Russia working in coal machine building.

Eduard Antonovich Fridfeld, the Director General of SEW (SEZ) OJSC has been work ing in coal machine building for over 46 years and for over 30 years as the director. All the Deputy Directors and Heads of main shops and producing departments, such as А.D. Mitin, А.V. Mishanov, S.А. Filippov, А.M. Sharkov, N.А. Tkachenko, have risen from shopfloor executors to production heads. Mine workers of Vorkuta, Kuznetsk, Moscow Region, Chukotka, and Rostov appreciate the works products and note their high quality. The works doesn't get any claims from its customers. Stable partnership has been established with Vorkutaugol Association; relations with Rostov Gukovugol where nine mines are operating are being extended. The works produced sev eral winding cages and skips for GipsKnauf enterprises. But at present most mines are using overage equipment because of the lack of money. Having mobilized their efforts the employees execute the miners' orders according to the tight schedule.


Over 70% of the total volume of plant pro duction falls at hydraulic cylinders as spare parts for powered roof supports. Fastwearing equipment is also in great demand: hydraulic props, control hydraulics. But miners' orders are not sufficient for complete use of produc tion capacities, therefore the plant masters manufacture of new equipment. Thus the works produces snow removers in cooperation with Plavsk Works against the order of the Government of Moscow. The plant has set up manufacture of pipe driving machines, contin uous casting devices for metallurgy industry. The works expeditiously responds to demands on the market: it started production of general rubber goods and plastics articles. The machineassembly department of the works produces steelworks. The plant's manu facturing capabilities allow producing more goods, and the marketing service is constantly working to solve this task. High qualified work ers of the experimental works are ready to exe cute any orders.