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Eng: The inter-industry almanac - 26-08-2014, 18:36



Межотраслевой альманах 




"The inter-industry almanac"  is published with the aim of consolidating and promoting the achievements of leading scientists, researchers and engineers of Russia. The publication is a joint project of the Russian engineering Academy and Agency business information "SLAVICA". The almanac is an inter-national edition, in which the state of Affairs in the economy discuss those who are active there. The development of science and entrepreneurship in the 21st century is at the junction of different industries. The almanac was created to promote the achievements of industry



In article highlights new technologies and development, innovative solutions, particularly regional production, discussed the issues of energy, economic, environmental, security industries and territories. Leading specialists from all sectors of the economy, the heads of Federal agencies, on the pages of the almanac reveal about the new management and economic strategies, make the analysis of the development of sectors of the Russian economy as a whole. Strategy magazine is based on the identification and analysis of the impact of government decisions on the change of dynamics and qualitative indicators of the Russian economy, the development of the innovation component of domestic production.


Межотраслевой альманах Деловая слава России

For readers "The inter-industry almanac" is unique in it's meaningful part in the first place, exclusive materials, prepared by leading specialists in all sectors of the economy, the heads of Federal agencies, corporations, holding companies and enterprises, research institutes and universities, which appear on the pages of the almanac as experts and analysts. For advertisers log important audience, is closely associated with its content. Representatives of public authorities, the Russian business elite, managers of various levels of government, industry experts, is not only readers Interdisciplinary anthology, this specific target group of consumers of goods and services. For partners publications for information support events, marketing programs and social initiatives topical issues of development cooperation and corporate communications







The editorial Board



B.V. Gusev

President of  the Russian Engineering Academy, Chairman of the Editorial Board


U. P. Batalin

Adviser of the scientific-technical council of Stroytransgaz.


U. S. Vasiliev

President of St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University.


I. V. Boskoboinikov

Science Director of the State Scientific Centre of Timber Industry Complex.


U. V. Gulyaev

President of International and Russian Unions of SRS.


E. N. Kablov

All-russian scientific research institute of aviation materials» VIAM FSUE, RF SRC


D. V. Kozlov

Chancellor of Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering


G. E. Krichevskii

 Scientific Supervisor of SRL "Nanotechnologies in Textile Industry".


A. P. Kudryavtsev

President of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences.


N. A. Makhutov

Chairman of The Interstate Council For Emergency Situations of Natural and Technogenic Character.

E. V. Panina

Vice-President of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

M. Z. Pak

Chairman of the Arbitration of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

N. I. Ryzhkov

Member of Federation Council of Federal Assembly of Russia, Honorary President of the Moscow Intellectual Business Club.

V. E. Fortov

 Director of the Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the RAS.

A. U. Tsivadze

Director of the Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry RAS (IPCE RAS)

V. A. Chereshnev

Chairman of the Committee On Science and Science Intensive Technologies of the State Duma.


F. L. Chernousko

Director of the Institute for Problem in Mechanics of the RAS