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Modern polymeric materials

The transition to the innovative economy

Optic and laser measuring technologies

Joint Institute for High Temperatures of Russian Academy of Sciences

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Engineers of the Urals


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Межотраслевой альманах подписка



You can subscribe to the journal directly through the editor. Subscribing through edition You get:

1. The cheapest way to subscribe (when sending log on the territory of the Russian Federation),

2. Flexibility - You can subscribe at any time, starting from any number, to any number of rooms

3. Informative - calling or writing to the editor, You can get information about the date of sending You the log and the number of registered packages.

4. The first ten subscribers receive a free company news on the editorial portal   www.slaviza.ru  in the course of the year.


For registration of the editorial subscription, you will need:

1. To pay the bill kvitancia_almanac.doc [32 Kb] (cкачиваний: 27)

2. Fill in the subscription coupon kupon_lmanach.doc [27.5 Kb] (cкачиваний: 26)

3. To report a payment by phone : 8 (495) 983-33-81 or (495) 617-31-15

4. Send the coupon (must!) and a copy of the paid receipt by Fax: (495) 617-31-15 ,  
or by e-mail: slaviza@list.ru.

The cost of one issue of the magazine - 49   Euro

 The subscription price in half (3 rooms) - 65  Euro

The cost of a yearly subscription (6 issues) -120   Euro