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Eng, Announcements articles: Okhlopkov M.F. - 3-11-2015, 06:21


Группа компаний Адгезия



The future of the constructionare the quickly-built light constructions called LSTK.



These days the construction of industrial and residentialbuildings on the permafrost in hard-to-get Arcticareas of Russia is done using various technologies.One of them is a quick construction of light steelthin-walled structures (LSTK) on screw piles. Highspeed and cost-effective installation, the possibility of building all year longnot depending on the weather conditions as well as screw piles of domesticproduction – all this is successfully implemented by the “Adgezia” companygroup that has won a leading position on the Sakha-Yakutia market in thefield of frame housing based on the light steel thin-walled structures. The inter-industry almanac № 50/2015