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» Eng » Institute Branch of RSE NC IMRRK VNIItsvetmet

Eng, Announcements articles: Institute Branch of RSE NC IMRRK VNIItsvetmet - 7-11-2015, 18:20


NC IMRRK» «VNIItsvetmet


Institute Branch of RSE «NC IMRRK» «VNIItsvetmet» - 65. There is somethingto be proud of.



This year, the InstituteVNIItsvetmet gets 65 years old. With sucha mature age, it did not lose the creativeenthusiasm and research capacity, it haspreserved the image of one of the leadingresearch organizations in the field of miningand is now respected by mining leaders ofthe post-Soviet countries. The spectrum ofresearch performed by the Institute is ratherwide. This article describes the two of them thatwere able to get a commercial implication in therecent years. We believe that these developmentsmay be of interest to the mining sector of RussiaThe inter-industry almanac 50/2015