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» Eng » University the incubator of advanced technologies.

Eng, Announcements articles: University the incubator of advanced technologies. - 30-06-2016, 06:22




University– the incubator of advanced technologies.


Higher education in all countries is continuously evolving. Like that, in the end of the twentieth century appeared a new mission of universities: cooperation with small and medium-sized businesses. Having found sales markets and completeda series of new products, this organizations (after 3-4 years) left university. Operation analysis of various technology parks and incubatorsshows that in the field of advanced technologies, these structures do very little. However,the Russian universities have corresponding experience. Innovative way of development ofRussia that is based on the economy knowledge, requires the higher technical school to make appropriate adjustments of existing traditional solutionsand emerging new challenges. The inter-industry almanac 53/2016