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Деловая слава России » Eng » Metallurgy as a Basic Industry of the Russian Economics

Eng, Industry: Metallurgy as a Basic Industry of the Russian Economics - 6-08-2011, 16:31


Serafim V. Kolpakov

In his article «The Metallurgy as a Basic Industry of the Russian Economics», Serafim V. Kolpakov, Vice-President of the Russian Engineering Academy, considers the current situation in the metallurgy industry in Russia. This country was a world leader in the production of nickel, titanium, magnesium, aluminum, copper, lead and zinc before the Perestroyka. All products of the ferrous metallurgy and more than 90 percent of non ferrous metallurgy ones were consumed by the domestic market. After disintegration of the USSR, the industry has dramatically decreased its output and climbed down. The new stage in the development of metallurgy industry in Russia has begun since the second half of 1999. Any production policy today is strongly influenced by the strict requirements of foreign and domestic markets. It is the time in the development of modern Russian metallurgy industry when any further growth of output is possible provided that new production facilities are established. Any further development of the industry is closely connected with a general economic growth of Russia and, appropriately, with a growth of meal product consumption inside the country. Increasing competitiveness of the products in the foreign and domestic markets has to become the strategic development trend of the Russian metallurgy industry. The need to reestablish a high status of engineering occupations should also be emphasized.