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Eng, Archives : The inter-industry almanac №33 - 18-11-2011, 11:40

 The inter-industry almanac №33





The almanac continues the theme of the 20-th anniversary of the Commonwealth of Independent States.  On the proposal of the prime-minister V.V.Putin Cis countries have agreed on more close economic- political interaction. We celebrate 20 years of the International academy of engineering and the organizations of its founders: national engineering academy of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. Unconditional priority in the articles of this issue from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan given to development of the industry.




XIX Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry.

Limitless possibilities of chemical science

A.V. Mirochinenko, A.A. Greshnev, A.N. Pavlov, A.L. Rakhmanov, A.V. Moskalenko. Now we need to act in accordance with the obligations assumed under the WTO 6
V.P. Zanin. The winner of a trade war is the strongest, most intelligent, the slyest 10
P.L. Kapitsa. Lomonosov and the world science 12
N.Y. Novikov. The system of Customs Union’ technical regulation 14
The Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce. In the bilateral mode of cooperation 16
All-Russian Forum of business media. Extended format 18
G.H. Popov. The need for common reflections on the modernization 19
B.V. Gusev. Innovation – the brainchild of science 22
News from the RSPP: National professional standards and the new Labour Code 24
V.Y. Golubev. We need to light a new star of engineering 26
A.A. Grebenshchikov. Modernization in the Rostov region 28
J.A. Tumakova. Engineering forces of the southern Russia 31
The Second Congress Engineers of Don Resolution 32
D.B. Abrosimov. Pooling of expertise and resources – the main task of the modern enterprise «Aviatest» 34
V.A. Vorobyev. Temperature control by sensors NPK «Standard» 36
J.M. Melekhin. Radiolysis nitro-ethereal energy compositions containing dispersed fillers 38
V.I. Nadtoka. «VNIKO» Quality Mark 40
V.V. Granev, D.C. Leikina. «Green» building. New approaches to design 42
V.P. Lozhkin. The construction industry of Russia: we will work on the bugs 44
N.A. Ulpe. Integrated Technology Engineering Research and Design 46
A.D. Fomin. Construction of roads in Sakhalin by Tymovsk DSU 48
T.P. Teterina. Innovative technology of color correction of visual impairments and health of the body 49
B.I. Fedunets, V.I. Natrusov, A.F. Kosolapov, S.V. Hramenkov, K.E. Khrenov, A.V. Pakhomov. High-precision reinforced concrete  blocks lining with plastic from domestic materials for construction of sewer tunnels 50
A.M. Gimadiev. Post-harvest processing of grain 53
V.V. Inozemtsev. The «Diaform» company in the system of industrial safety 54
Extracts from the book by S.V. Kolpakov «If you turn off the furnace, our country will die» 56