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Eng, Science: The Russian Academy of Engineering - 11-04-2012, 13:27


The Russian engineering AcademyB.V. GUSEV.

The President of the Russian Academy of Engineering, the President of theInternational Academy of Engineering




Actually quite a big number of REA regional branches are working actively both on academy in general and on cooperation with administration. Unique possibilities to create regional Councils under the aegis of the Highest Engineer Council of Russia and work actively in various scientific-technical directions were formed up after the Second Congress. It was decided to create a special direction, special section for the youth. As before the academy will keep on actively organizing contests and conferences. That’s where information technologies and internet conferences should be used. During the last twenty years Russian engineering academy has been assisting academic institutions to free them from problems connected with implementation of new ideas in production not inherent to themand to concentrate their attention and resources on fundamental research. REA provides possibility for engineers not only communicate on a regular basis but also, what is extremely important by itself, create temporary creative brigades on engineers of various professions on solution of the most important problems. It is a unique «flexible» structure.

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