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Eng, Archives : The inter-industry almanac №32 - 10-10-2011, 19:25



The inter-industry almanac №32



Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Engineering Academy of the USSR, the Russian Engineering Academy (REA) and the 20th anniversary of the IAE, some members of the Academy were awarded with the order of «Engineering glory». Among them, the President of Kazakhstan, the academician of IAE, member of the Academy of Sciences and the Engineering Academy of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbaev; scientist of worldwide reputation, president of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine B.E. Paton; a great statesman and public figure, I.N. Ponomarev; the outstanding hydraulic engineer A.N. Semenov; a great statesman and scientist A.G. Tuleev; the first vice-president of REA, army general. Y.A. Yashin and other members of the IAE and engineering academies – the founders of IAE.







Tuleev A.G. New era awaiting for the engineer 4
Toward the All-Russian Congress of scientific and technical community 9
XX years of International Engineering Academy 10
Speranskiy A.A. 20 years of CIS: towards new horizons of partnership 13
Nazarbaev N.A. Kazakhstan and Engineering Academy 14
Peter Zuna. Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic 16
Vasil’ev A.I. 20 years: from approval to recognition 18
Inauguration of Lezhnevskiy machine factory 20
Kabulov A.V. Engineering federations of Uzbekistan –is 20 years 21
Pashaev A.D. About the activities of the Azerbaijan Academy of Engineering 22
Gamzatov G.M. Renewable energy resources: interest should be inculcated at school 26
Smerkovich G.S. The engineer called to renew the world 28
Ponomarev, I.N. «I was doomed to become a constructor» 30
Mashukov Y.G. Vice-president of China Academy of Engineering Sciences in Krasnoyarsk 32
Nadein V.A. Sakhalin pipeline meridian 33
Zanin V.P. The exit from the tax and pension impasse 36
StolyarovanO.V. Site tax audit – the rules of the initial communication 38
To the anniversary of Bezrukih P.P. Future – for renewable energy
Yesaulov E.I. The «Ocean» project 40
Meledin V.G. Optoelectronic information systems in innovative industrial technologies 42
Golovin V.I. Locomotive control systems and traffic safety 44
Kuzin E.N. Roads could be built in a new way 46
Scherbakov A.N. From the history of creation of the control engines for the R-7 rocket 48
Aleksandrov M.V. «Admiralty Shipyards» OJSC – the application of innovative solutions in designing and construction of boats and ships 52
Laureate of the prestigious award L.A. Ivanov 55
Konstantinov A.V. The best should be in demand 56
Valyukhov S.G, Veselov V.N. «Transoil» and «Turbopump»: the creation of innovative equipment for the oil and gas sector of Russia 58
Shvalev V.P. «OL’VO-99»: supply and installation of lifting equipment 60
Lozhkin V.P. Lightweight concrete in Russia and abroad 62
Chuiko V.A. Status and prospects of Russian pulp and paper industry 64
Smirnov A.V. GIPROBUM – for new approach to the problem of emissions into the environment 67
Pshenichnikova R.I. The university and the socio-cultural environment: the East Siberian State Academy of Culture and Arts as a regional center of the formation for the new model of interaction 69
Igolinsky V.G.: Music as a human happiness 72
International Competition named after P.I. Chaikovsky 75
In memory of Vasilenko N.V. Organizer of the Siberian engineering 76
In memory of Yashin Y.A the first vice-president of RAE 78
How innovations were born in ancient times 79