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Eng, Industry: Public corporation Russkaya Mekhanika - 23-09-2012, 18:08

Public corporation Russkaya Mekhanika





The first domestic snowmobile “Buran” was constructed in Rybinsk more than 40 years ago. Well known are the models of “TAIGA” including multipurpose “Varyag 550”, steady “Ataka 551 II” and new powerful and fast model of increased throughput – “TAIGA Bars 850”. Well proved itself a bestseller of “Russkaya Mekhanika” - “TAIGA Patrul 550 SWT” (TAYGA family) being in demand among field services. Especially for fishermen Rybinsk constructors have designed “RYBINKA” mini-snowmobile-transformer. The younger generation will definitely appreciate “TAIGA RYS”, a model for children. Altogetherfor its 40-year history the enterprise has produced 400 thousand snowmobiles.