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Eng: The inter-industry almanac №37 - 5-09-2012, 21:39


The inter-industry almanac №37 




One of the most significant points of the present issue is the article by O.N. Soskovets, which sums up the results of the activity of the Russian Union of Commodity Producers. At that great attention is paid to the necessity of intellectual property protection, which is especially important in connection with the activity in the bounds of the WTO. In his article Yu.V. Shamkov remarks that it is possible improve significantly innovation constituent, found new enterprises create new workplaces at Government`s relatively small assistance. These problems are also considered in the article of V.A. Likholobov in connection with the activity of the Institute of Hydrocarbon Recycling Problems of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. I advise you to pay attention to the article of N.A. Testoedov who for the first time remarks that the stuff of satellites launched by us gradually becomes a domestic intellectual product.


Head of the Editorial Board of Almanac of the Interbranch B.V. GUSEV.






National Economy
O.N. SOSKOVETS. Urgent Tasks of the Russian Union of Commodity Producers 4
B.V. GUSEV, A.I. ZVEZ DOV, V.R. FALICMAN. “Concrete and Ferro-Concrete; a Glance to the Future” Conference 6
YU.V. SHAMKOV. Implementation of Infrastructural Projects in Siberia as a Necessary Condition of Country`s Development 10
Photo spread “INNOPROM-2012”, Yekaterinburg 13
V.A. ZELENKOV. III International Exhibition and “INNOPROM” Forum of Industry and Innovations 14
A.A. SPERANSKY. Russian Engineers Have Every Reason to Be Proud 16



K.YU. SHILOV. Concern NPO “AVRORA”, Leading Instrument Making Enterprise of Shipbuilding Branch 18
V.A. LIKHOLOBOV. From Scientific Development to Industrial Application; Full Cycle 20
N.F. TESTOEDOV. “Innovations Mean Turning Knowledge to Money” 22
V.G. MELEDIN. Optic and laser measuring technologies for metallurgy 24
 V.M. KARAVAEV. Public Corporation “Russkaya Mekhanika” 27
YE.V. MARTYNOV. Systems of Managing Enterprises` Energy Efficiency 30
A.N. MAMAEV. “Lipetskstalproect” GmbH Specialists Create Innovative Furnaces 32
E.I. VITLIN. To Streemline Standard-Technical Base in Projection 34
M.A. SUKHAREV. Wooden Framehouses from “Zastroishchik” 36
V.P. LOZHKIN. RF Industry of Construction Materials after Crisis 38
G.S. LAPUNOV. Complex Transport Service in Siberia 40
V.N. OSIPKOV. THE Innovations of “Istochnik” Company Group in the Sphere of Fire-Technical Production 42
P.A. BELOV. VAZ Spares from Togliatti, Wholesale and Retail 44
V.A. ZELENKOV. Practical Recommendations on Building Multi-Channel Cable System and Fibre Optic Net of Connection 46


Science, education and medicine

G.YE. KRICHEVSKY. Smart, Interactive and Multi-Functional Textile 48
I.G. PANKOV, O.V. MILOVZOROV. Ryazan Institute and Its Role in the Making of Regional Engineering Education 52
R.I. PSHENICHNICOVA. Spiritual Culture and Problems of New Knowledge Formation 54
Industrial Archeology. According to the Materials from Open Sources 57
I.I. BOGOLEPOV, A.I. FEDOTOV. The Necessity of Adequate Text-Books for Russian Higher School 58