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Eng: Indirect evaporative cooling - 12-06-2013, 23:28




Indirect evaporative cooling


In cooperation with the Moscow subway a number of units of air cooling is created. The basis of installations is based on the principle of indirect evaporative cooling due to evaporation of water in the heat exchanger unit. At the exit from the unit the consumer receives the cooled air to the initial moisture content, and the air with the increased moisture content is discharged into the atmosphere. We do not up-end science but we change our concept of cooling: our equipment needs heat, dry air and water. Indirect evaporating air-cooling is based on application of water evaporation heat. Theoretically, evaporation of 1 kg of water is equivalent to cooling of 100 m3 of dry air from 40OС to 22OС. In practice, air temperature is reduced down to 10–15OС depending on definite conditions. These cooling devices are characterized by low power consumption, ecological safety, easy maintenance and repair.