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Eng, Announcements articles: Y.G. Andreev - 8-08-2015, 15:16

Импортозамещение медицинских изделий




Issues of import of medical products in Russia using the example of «Minimal invasive techniques» (MIT).



Since 1996, sets of special stents of original design have been developed that allow efficient treatment of a variety of urologic diseases. The creation of universal length stents of various configurations allowed for endourological surgery (without cuts) in children aged from a few weeks and older. The inter-industry almanac № 49/2015



Eng, Announcements articles: Altayvitaminy CJSC - 8-08-2015, 15:01


ЗАО Алтайвитамины


Altayvitaminy CJSC. The first Siberian plant for the production of aluminum packaging.


At the inauguration of the joint Russian-German-Austrian enterprise «Linhardt-Altai» in Biysk, CEO of the pharmaceutical company «Altayvitaminy» Yuri Antonovich Koshelev said: «This event is extraordinary. We conceived the project idea long ago . . . Thanks to the cooperation with our foreign partners, in fact we have built a modern plant for the production of aluminum cans and tubes «at hand», in accordance with international quality standards!» The inter-industry almanac № 49/2015 




Eng, Announcements articles: O.A. Chukhlantsev - 7-08-2015, 21:53

Технологии лазерного упрочнения поверхности



Technology of parts surface hardening with laser: minimal cost for maximal efficiency.


TONAP Inc. is implementing the latest laser technology that allows real energy saving. Using laser technology with minimal direct costs, and without any accompanying problems, dramatically increases the wear resistance of metal-labor-intensive parts and assemblies operating in particularly difficult circumstances. The inter-industry almanac № 49/2015




Eng, Announcements articles: Vladimir Ivanovich Sarchenko - 7-08-2015, 21:48


News in the Krasnoyarsk branch of the Russian Academy of Engineering. Interview with V.I. SARCHENKO.



Vladimir Ivanovich Sarchenko, manager of the group of construction companies «Krasstroy» has been appointed to be Head of Krasnoyarsk regional department of RIA. The developer from Krasnoyarsk became a laureate of the II Congress of Russian Engineers and was awarded the Engineering Glory medal. The Krasnoyarsk builder was conferred such a high award for having designed and constructed the new housing district «White Dew» on the banks of the Yenisei. The inter-industry almanac № 49/2015


Eng, Announcements articles: DVGSK JSC - 7-08-2015, 21:38



DVGSK: one of the largest construction holdings in the Far East.


Far East Mining and Construction Company (DVGSK JSC) was established on the basis of the Ministry of Railways construction units in 2000. The company has developed, patented and successfully applied in construction practice their own work technology. DVGSK JSC is a leading organization of the Far East on infrastructure objects for railways and highways. The inter-industry almanac № 49/2015