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Eng, Announcements articles: What we fought for has been our undoing. - 28-05-2016, 16:54





What we fought for has been our undoing.


It has repeatedly been emphasized in the decisions of the conferences and workshops held by the industrial union RISKOM, that there was the need to enhance the role of  Rostekhnadzor in ensuring the safety of industrial facilities operation. In this regard, the important role of training process in the field of industrial safety, including certification of experts, which gives admission to the examination, has been proved. The inter-industry almanac № 53/2016


Eng, Announcements articles: Forge of false experts - 28-05-2016, 16:48




Forge of false experts.

On February, 4th, 2016, the Committee on Economic Policy of the Federation Council held parliamentary hearings. The most competent experts, heads of professional communities in ROSTEKHNADZOR put forward some specific proposals to remedy the situation. However, it is clear that there is a real danger that the proposals will not be heard. In order to assess the current situation one need to understand the logic and the mechanisms. The inter-industry almanac № 53/2016


Eng » Announcements articles: Knowledge-based electronic warfare equipment - 26-05-2016, 11:20




Knowledge-based electronic warfare equipment.

Nowadays air defense today is a very complex system, which includes a range of defense technologies. Among them, electronic warfare occupies a decent place. In this field, the specialists of JSC «Scientific and Technical Center of electronic warfare» have developed a unique set of passive detection and jamming system to work on the command and control systems and weapons of the enemy. The inter-industry almanac № 53/2016


Eng » Announcements articles: From the chaos of the 90s to the third industrial revolution. - 26-05-2016, 11:12

 Особенности российской цивилизации

Defence industry complex.

From the chaos of the 90s to the third industrial revolution.



The editorial board of the Interindustry Almanac is preparing to print a collection of articles and reports of the leading defense industry engineers, leaders of large industrial enterprises who created a public organization League of Assistance to defense businesses. Nowadays it becomes clear how far in advance are able to see our outstanding engineers, and one can only regret that the forecasts that were made than a dozen years ago have come true but have not been accepted by the leaders of our country. The inter-industry almanac № 53/2016


Eng » Announcements articles: Tomsk Polytechnic University - 26-05-2016, 11:06



Tomsk Polytechnic University


Tomsk Polytechnic University: 120 years in the life of the country


In July, 1896, giving a speech at the ceremony of the beginning of the construction of the Tomsk Technological Institute, the curator of the West Siberian educational district V.Florinsky said: «... Siberia does have the right to call a bonanza. After a dozen, may  be two dozen years Tomsk Technological Institute will serve as a breeding ground for Siberia and powerful example of industrial machinery. It will give the Siberian capitalists competent leaders, the example and the initiative in the running of local plants and factories, indicate those natural resources that should be subject to the skilful and profitable development. May this miraculous metamorphosis of Siberia be precept to the expiring century, the future of the twentieth century». The inter-industry almanac № 53/2016