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Eng, Announcements articles: New technologies and international cooperation to boost Russia’s energy safety - 3-05-2016, 14:54

 ENES 2015


New technologies and international cooperation to boost Russia’s energy safety


The Fourth International Forum on Energy Efficiency and Energy Development ENES-2015 took place in Moscow this November. It is the largest event in the area of development, production and implementation of energy-efficient technologies and energy sector development. The forum featured a large exhibition and more than 40 business events – meetings, discussions, plenary presentations, round tables. Traditionally, ENES 2015 was organized by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow. The show was hosted by OJSC “Electrification Exhibition Pavilion”. The inter-industry almanac № 52/2015


Eng, Announcements articles: Military-technical cooperation of Russia - 3-05-2016, 14:48




The situation clearly called for an organization to encompass as many defense enterprises as possible


I was offered to take part in the formation of the League to Support Defense Industry in the early nineties from my friends – managers of defense enterprises A.I. Shulunov, G.I. Janjgava, V.D. Protasov, with the idea that LSDI would have certain powers, such as promoting legislative initiatives, taking part in developing the state arms program, expert examination of vital defense works. The inter-industry almanac № 52/2015


Eng, Announcements articles: Russian defense industry - 3-05-2016, 14:36

Оборонная промышленность РФ




On Russian defense industry


Russia’s defense industry had a tragic fate, as a number of objective factors were against it, such as: economic collapse, fuel prices growing out of control, collapse of the state administration (in the industry in general and in defense industry in particular), removal of highly skilled personnel from the state administration that had been carefully selected and nourished by the Soviet system for decades, dwindling government contracts, demoralization of the armed forces and many others. But even worse, subjective factors were also against it; and the biggest one, unfortunately was the new government of the independent and sort-of democratic Russian Federation. The inter-industry almanac № 52/2015


Eng, Announcements articles: Aviaprom corporations - 3-05-2016, 14:30

авиационное двигателестроение





Gigantic Soviet aviation industry found out the hard way it was absolutely not suited to the “separate production companies, design bureaus, science institutions” model offered during the perestroika in late 20th century. Before the Ministry of Aviation Industry was disbanded, deputy ministers initiated establishment of two entities: “Aircraft Engine-Building Union” headed by V.M. Chuiko (May 1991) and Aviaprom OJSC headed by U.A. Bardin (October 1991). These are still operational  today, each consolidating engine-builders and aircraft-builders its own way. The inter-industry almanac № 52/2015


Eng » Announcements articles: Securing Vital Functions of the Far North Areas - 28-04-2016, 10:00




Securing Vital Functions of the Far North Areas.


Deliveries of goods to the Northern Territories are a complex of annual activities dealing with supplying the areas of the RF Far North with basic vital goods on the eve of winter. More than 80 per cent of the territory of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic is accessible from the transport point only in the certain season. Nowadays practically every phony company can gain the delivery order, the client facing the danger of delivery frustration and emergency situation. Searches for new deliverer in extremely short terms, very often in extreme season conditions, causes cost rise up on 100 and more per cent. In such conditions it is more important to secure delivery participants reliability. The new federal contract system will work out a differential approach with the account of northern territories` specificity. The inter-industry almanac № 36/2012