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Eng, Announcements articles: Biophysical studies of the substance Star dust - 18-11-2015, 17:42



Biophysical studies of the substance “Star dust” (SSH&H) on medical physics were done.



The substance underwent the state registration and was introduced in the State Register. Its application gives an evidently pronounced effect of counteracting carcinogenic factors. It has no toxic properties being safe from carcinogenic and radiation points. The substance is inert to the cells of human organism. The studies proved that the substance is completely natural being a natural product.  The inter-industry almanac № 36/2012 


Eng, Announcements articles: Scientific and Technical Enterprise “Aviatrest” - 18-11-2015, 16:50



Scientific and Technical Enterprise “Aviatrest”. 


The experience and resources obtained in military-industrial establishment are successfully applied in production of general goods. Compact treatment plants “Ekostok” not only purify water, but also destroy pathogenic flora, toxic chains and therefore in this respect have no analogues in the world. The basis of such treatment plants is UAP reactor with its principle of “processing substances in rotating electromagnetic field of high density”. “Ekostok” `s flexibility allows integrating this system in existing treatment plants as well as applying them independently for purifying industrial, residential, agricultural, storm and combined runoffs.


Eng, Announcements articles: Kosygin Prize – 2015 - 17-11-2015, 12:26


Kosygin Prize – 2015

Kosygin Prize – 2015


The A. N. Kosygin Prize as established by the Russian Union of Commodity Producers in 2001. Prominent state figureoа the 20 th century, Alexey Nikolaevich Kosygin was the initiator ofthe preparation and carrying out of the economic reforms in the SovietUnion in the second half of the 1960s. These days the prize is awardedto scientists, experts and practitioners, as well as to research institutions,educational institutions, industrial and agricultural enterprises and other organizations for some great achievements in tackling thefundamental and practical problems of the economy, and for the improvementand development of the several sectors of the economy. The inter-industry almanac № 50/2015 


Eng, Announcements articles: Aircraft with a hydrogen engine - 17-11-2015, 12:09





27 years passed since the first plane of thehydrogen engine flight



On the 15th April 1988,more that a quarter-century ago, a first in theworld experimental flight of the Tu-155 witha unique engine NK-88 that used the liquidhydrogen as fuel was performed. Recalls thechief engineer for flight tests of the Tu-155. The inter-industry almanac № 50/2015 


Eng, Announcements articles: Institute Branch of RSE «NC IMRRK» «VNIItsvetmet» - 7-11-2015, 18:20


NC IMRRK» «VNIItsvetmet


Institute Branch of RSE «NC IMRRK» «VNIItsvetmet» - 65. There is somethingto be proud of.



This year, the InstituteVNIItsvetmet gets 65 years old. With sucha mature age, it did not lose the creativeenthusiasm and research capacity, it haspreserved the image of one of the leadingresearch organizations in the field of miningand is now respected by mining leaders ofthe post-Soviet countries. The spectrum ofresearch performed by the Institute is ratherwide. This article describes the two of them thatwere able to get a commercial implication in therecent years. We believe that these developmentsmay be of interest to the mining sector of RussiaThe inter-industry almanac № 50/2015