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Eng, Announcements articles: Production of fabricsof non-drug hemp fibers - 4-11-2015, 18:11

Production of fabricsof non-drug hemp fibers



Production of fabricsof non-drug hemp fibers.



This paper presentsa research on the present and future of textileproducts made of non-drug industrial hemp.Furthermore, there was a development of a routingtechnology for converting hemp yarn fabricsinto fabrics for household needs on the domesticequipment of upgraded snap.   The inter-industry almanac № 50/2015


Eng, Announcements articles: Okhlopkov M.F. - 3-11-2015, 06:21


Группа компаний Адгезия



The future of the constructionare the quickly-built light constructions called LSTK.



These days the construction of industrial and residentialbuildings on the permafrost in hard-to-get Arcticareas of Russia is done using various technologies.One of them is a quick construction of light steelthin-walled structures (LSTK) on screw piles. Highspeed and cost-effective installation, the possibility of building all year longnot depending on the weather conditions as well as screw piles of domesticproduction – all this is successfully implemented by the “Adgezia” companygroup that has won a leading position on the Sakha-Yakutia market in thefield of frame housing based on the light steel thin-walled structures. The inter-industry almanac № 50/2015


Eng, Announcements articles: Pupyrev E.I. - 3-11-2015, 06:15

Pupyrev E.I.



MosvodokanalNIIproyect – 75years of work designing engineering systems ofthe city


JSC “MosvodokanalNIIproyect” is a majorproject and scientific center that tackles vitalproblems of the development of the city facilities.The company has a 75-year experience in thefield of engineering of water supply and waterremoval systems. According to the projects of theInstitute, the most high-powered systems of thepurification of sewage and natural waters as wellas engineering facilities of water supply and waterremoval in Russia and Europe were built in Moscow. The inter-industry almanac № 50/2015






Eng, Announcements articles: А. van der Meer - 2-11-2015, 08:15

А. van der Meer


A team of ISTC experts is fully engaged on a day­to­day basis to bring the best of the scientific results to the marketplace thereby contributing to the objectives of the various Federal programs to promote innovation in the Russian Federation and elsewhere. It is clear that there is an extraordinary innovation potential in Russia of which the benefits should be further reaped. ISTC is following closely lively debate in Russia as regards the implementation of a policy of innovation including the establishment of innovation clusters. It is in that framework that ISTC stands ready to exchange its best practices in this field. I am of the opinion that our experience can be of value to bring this concept forward.


Eng, Announcements articles: The project of football stadium - 29-10-2015, 17:18

Проект футбольного стадиона



Features of constructive decisions of building of a football stadium for 4500 people in Rostov-on-Don.



In 2018 the Football World Cup will be held in Russia. The matches of the world’s championship will take place in 11 cities of Russia, including the one in Rostov-on-Don. These days JSC “TSIIPromzdaniy” along with LTD “Stalproyect” is proceeding of the documentation of the project of a football stadium for 4500 people in Rostov- on-Don. The inter-industry almanac № 50/2015