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Eng, Announcements articles: Fedotov Alexey Mikhailovich - 18-09-2015, 19:49

Федотов Адексей Иванович 

FEDOTOV Alexey Mikhailovich



Doctor of Science in Engineering, professor. Born on 24th July 1930, he is now Vice-president of Russian Academy of Engineering and an active member of International Academy of Higher Education. A member of Presidium of Saint-Petersburg Union of the scientific and engineering associations. The President of The scientific and technical society of mechanical engineering of Saint-Petersburg. The President of Engineering Academy of Saint-Petersburg.


Eng, Announcements articles: Vladimir Nikolayevich Chelomei - 10-08-2015, 16:21




With Chelomei in our hearts.


In 2014 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding design engineer, scientist, teacher, and manager in Industry, Science and Education, General Designer of rocket and space technologies, academician Vladimir Nikolayevich Chelomei. In the center of commemorative events is a defense enterprise created in 1944 under the supervision of V.N. Chelomei. Now, the JSC «Military Industrial Corporation» Scientific Production Association of Machine Building» (Reutov) is one of the leading enterprises of the rocket and space industry. The inter-industry almanac № 49/2015


Eng, Announcements articles: Мodern engineering education - 10-08-2015, 16:11





Ryazan Institute (branch) of the University of Engineering – a
guarantee of modern engineering education.


Ryazan Institute is a top establishment in the field of innovative modernization of the economy of the Ryazan region. University provides staff for all developing industry in the region, has close connections with the enterprises of machine-building, automotive and building complexes. The inter-industry almanac № 49/2015 



Eng, Announcements articles: R.I. Pshenichnikova - 8-08-2015, 15:39



East Siberian State Academy of Culture and Arts in the heart of the Siberian Eurasia.  For the 55th anniversary of the university.



The history of East Siberian State Academy of Culture and Arts – the first culture university in Siberian Eurasia – reflects, as a waterdrop, all the economic, cultural and spiritual states of the vast territory of Siberia. To evaluate the effectiveness of the university, it is extremely important to  understand how much and deeply it has been interacting with the strategic and civilizational development vectors of the development of the territory where it has existed and developed for the latest 55 years. The inter-industry almanac № 49/2015


Eng, Announcements articles: A.I. Selezky - 8-08-2015, 15:26

Селезский Анатолий Иванович


 A.I. SELEZKY: «The work was not easy – I was responsible for thousands of suppliers».



Academician of the Russian Academy of  Engineering, General Director of «Silbetindustriya » Anatoly Ivanovich Selezsky celebrates his jubileum this year – 75 years. Anatoly Ivanovich tells about events that became key points for formation of him as a manufacturing cycle organizer and successful leader: «My life had several major milestones: as a student, 4 years of submarine fleet service, graduation from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. I was referred to Northern Machine Building Enterprise (Severodvinsk) where I worked for 20 years and I worked for 5 years at the Ministry of the shipbuilding industry. After reformation period I took responsibility and created a CJSC «Silbetindustria». The inter-industry almanac № 49/2015