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Agency business information Slavica

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Agency business information "Slavica" was created in 2005 to publicize the work of a number of public and state structures: the Russian engineering Academy, the International Academy of engineering, Higher engineering Council, the Ministry of regional development, Government of Moscow

Our experts participated in the preparation and holding of press conferences by order of the RF Ministry for regional development (2009-2010). We prepared the program of the visit of the delegations of China and Taiwan in Russia, organized in October 2011 the visit of the delegation of the Russian engineering Academy in Italy. By order of different structures (Public chamber of the Russian Federation, the Russian Association for the advancement of science, Russian USEA, Higher engineering Council) our staff prepare reports, presentations, booklets and other information materials.


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During the past period of time forces ADI "Slavica" was performed a number of works from the Foundation of the ideology to the organization and conduct of a number of major events. Among the most important we can mention the following:



1. Preparation and holding of the conference "Space for peaceful purposes" - customers: Russian Engineering Academy (RIA), city hall, Moscow

2. The second Congress of engineers of Russia, November 2010 - customers: RIA, city hall, Moscow.
3. Information support for the creation of SROs in the construction industry - customers: Ministry of regional development, the Union of builders of Russia

4. Information support reform of pricing in construction - client: Ministry of regional development

5. The preparation and conduct of the twentieth anniversary of the Russian engineering Academy - customer: RIA

6. Preparation and holding of the all-Russian contest "Business glory of Russia" - customers RIA, the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the competition held in 2010.





















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